At Aryrose Communications, I assist in strengthening client-company relationships. I’ve trained and learned for 15 years in both branded apparel and hospitality. I understand the importance of interpersonal skills and connecting with your market. I specialize in communication strategies creating marketing tools for small to medium run businesses and non-profits.  As a writer and designer, I enjoy the art of expression while promoting action with words. I’m passionate about supporting the life visions of others. 

I was selected to work for national publications Right On! and Blackbeat magazines as an editorial assistant covering popular trends and styles of the new millennium. I've composed music reviews for international superstars like Fantasia Barrino, Mariah Carey and Jennifer Hudson. 

Back end

Our next-generation knowledge keeps your website and social media up and running fast, no matter where in the world your customers live.                       

Imagine a world where an assistant actually anticipate your next move. The talented designers, writers on our staff spend every waking hour perfecting the fluid exchange between the virtual platforms and the humans who use them.


Your personal executive assistant is available to handle any need, from routine website updates to clientele marketing tools.                       



My work experience was acquired from varied industries ranging from hospitality to retail. I have customer service and sales training from top brands including Marriott International, Inc., Kohl’s, Hanesbrands, Inc., Sears, Roebuck and Co. and Ralph Lauren.

Our Strength

Front end

We combine stunning graphics with an intuitive user interface to create websites and social media ads that turn visitors into customers. All websites are optimized for mobile viewing.                       

Stephanie Feggins 

Our Vision


Professional writers work with you to create content that engages readers, drawing them ever deeper into your website.                      

Senior Content Strategist
Years of experience: 8

Expertise: Digital Content & Communication Specialist